May Dinner Meeting

Andrew Comeau   May 8, 2014   Comments Off on May Dinner Meeting

The Ocala I.T. Professionals just keeps having one great meeting after another!  Tonight was our May dinner meeting at McAlister’s Deli in Ocala. We had 15 people turn out for this meeting and ended up staying for over two hours, talking and exchanging ideas. We had at least three newcomers tonight, having gained a few members just this past week and it was great to see everyone enjoying getting to know each other.

We’re still alternating between dinner and presentation meetings and our next meeting will be on May 21 at the Ocala Power Plant business incubator where we’ll be hearing from Gabe Pierannunzzi about his mobile app development company, Appuccino, and another of our members, Brian Pina about HTML and CSS.

If you haven’t found us on yet, please check out our page where you can sign up with the group, find out more about our upcoming meetings and participate in our online discussions.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to all those to came together to make this latest meeting a success! If you’re an I.T. person, either by profession or training and looking for other I.T. people in Ocala to talk to and network with, we’d like to meet you!



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