Call for Presentations

Andrew Comeau   November 16, 2014   Comments Off on Call for Presentations

The Ocala I.T. Professionals is looking for tech experts in the Ocala / Marion County area who would like to share what they’ve been working on in one of our monthly presentation meetings.

We don’t need professional speakers and you don’t have to commit to a half hour multimedia extravaganza. If you can talk for 10-15 minutes about what you’ve been working with and answer some questions, you’re on the schedule. Members are also welcome to recruit speakers from outside as long as they’re not just there to sell products or services. As we’ve said before, you don’t even have to stand in front of the group – just put some thoughts together, join us for one of our meetings and share some of your favorite resources or talk about ANY tech that interests you and get the discussion going. If you’re not speaking, take part in the discussions and don’t be afraid to ask ANY questions or make suggestions. That is at the core of what the Ocala I.T. Professionals is about.

If you haven’t been to one of our meetings yet, this is your chance to meet other tech people in Ocala who will appreciate the stuff you’ve been working on. We currently need presenters for the following dates:

Wednesday, December 3

Wednesday, January 28

Wednesday, February 25

All meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and last one hour. Again, a 10-15 minute talk is fine.

If you are available to speak, please contact Andrew Comeau for more information on the upcoming schedule and other details.



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