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February 25th Meeting – ASP.NET for Beginners

Andrew Comeau   January 28, 2015   Comments Off on February 25th Meeting – ASP.NET for Beginners

We’ll be meeting at the Power Plant for February’s presentation and this month we’ll be doing an overview of ASP.NET, Microsoft’s web development technology which combines HTML and client-side scripting with .NET programming on the server to provide a dynamic and interactive experience for the user. For the programmer who wants to quickly design a robust website or application, ASP.NET… Read more »

On Recursive Programming

Andrew Comeau   January 27, 2015   Comments Off on On Recursive Programming

When writing programs, it’s often necessary to perform repeating operations on collections of items such as customer orders or invoices.  Often, you can just iterate through the collection or count the items to determine how many times to perform the operation.  When working with a hierarchy of items such as a directory structure where you have an unknown and varying number… Read more »